Gilbert Arenas Says Homeless Man Helped Him Win $300,000 Lottery

Gilbert Arenas says he won $300,000 after encountering a homeless man, who 'blessed' his lottery ticket. Arenas later gave the man part of his winnings.

gilbert arenas

Image via Getty/Nancy Ostertag

gilbert arenas

It appears that Gilbert Arenas’ quarantine has been a lucrative one.

On Sunday, the former NBA player took to Instagram to reveal the story behind how he won $300,000 playing the Powerball. Arenas wrote that on May 12, he rushed out of the house to play his lottery numbers at his favorite gas station before it closed. However, he soon realized his car didn’t have much gas, and he only had $10 on him after leaving his wallet at home. 

Arenas stopped at a gas station on the way, only to be approached by a homeless man who asked Arenas for money. He told the man he only had $10 on him but could give him $5 and use the rest for gas. The man asked Arenas where he was going, and for some reason, Arenas lied and said a gas station that was farther away than the one he was actually going to. The man told Arenas he wouldn’t make it on $5 and said to “keep the $10 and after u win, hook me up with $20.” Arenas' favorite gas station was closed by the time he got there.

Arenas then writes that he woke up to a text the next day saying, “Congratulations U won 300k.” But he ignored it because he thought it was a scam. When he went to his favorite gas station later that day to play Powerball, the owner told him “you won i texted u. I said, ‘huh I didn't play yesterday.’ He said, ‘I played ur numbers for u becuz I was closing early and u WON.’”

Arenas then says that he visited the homeless man on Saturday and “gave him his cut,” an amount he didn’t disclose. “He jumped up and hugged me for 5 mins crying and then started to pray,” Arenas explained. “I've given back to the homeless BUT never was blessed by one. His good hearted jester of me making it back home blessed that ticket.”

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