Skylar Diggins Talks Drake, Becky With The Good Hair Rumors and Recites Favorite 'Friday' Scene

WNBA All-Star Skylar Diggins talks 'Becky with the good hair' and other rumors on go90's 'Here's The Rub'

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If you didn't love Skylar Diggins before, you'll love her now. In the latest episode of go90's Here's The Rub the Dallas Wings' point guard opens up about wedding plans, Notre Dame and all those hip-hop artists who try (and fail) to mack on her—including the show's quirky host, Nikolai Popov​.

In an interview that seems to focus a lot on the dirty mind of comedian Andrew Santino (aka Popov), Diggins hold her own while also opening up and revealing some rare facts. The most important being that she can recite, with complete and undeniable acting skill, every line from Friday. She's also a fantastic bowler (not that you'll get the chance to take her on a date again). 

Despite the quirky nature of the interview, Diggins remains cool under pressure, even when Popov tries to slip her a key to his apartment. Her defense off the court remains strong as she manages to dispel any "Becky with the good hair" rumors with a simple, yet assertive answer. The same goes for her answer to whether or not Drake had his eye on her. But who could blame the 6 God for trying to holla at the 5'9" baller bae.

Watch the full episode above to find out exactly why Diggins showers four times a day. You can also check out Josh Norman's interview with Popov in another awkward episode of Here's The Rub.

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