O.J. Simpson Joins TikTok During Self-Isolation

The retired NFL star is giving us a glimpse of how he's getting through the COVID-19 lockdowns.

OJ Simpson

Image via Getty/Jason Bean/POOL/AFP

OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson is officially a TikToker—as if these times couldn't get any weirder.

On Friday afternoon, the retired NFL star posted his first-ever video on the platform, giving fans an inside look on how he's getting through the COVID-19 lockdowns. And you already know Simpson added a dose of humor.

The clip shows the 72-year-old struggling to keep himself occupied while confined to his home. We see him flipping through TV channels, practicing his golf swing, doing some organizing/cleaning, and trying—we're using this term generously—a home workout. Juice's has a restless expression throughout the video, which concludes with him back on the couch with a bottle of Jack Daniels. The "Bored in the House" track played in the background for extra comedic effect.

Simspon shared his first TikTok via Twitter, which he joined less than a year ago, captioning the tweet: "This is what it has come to." Check it out below.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users had mixed feelings about Simpson's new TikTok account. Some were confused, others were annoyed, but many were amused.

The popular mobile app has experienced a significant surge amid the coronavirus lockdowns, as a growing number of people have flocked to the video-sharing platform to connect with others or simply pass the time while in self-isolation. According to Music Business Worldwide, TikTok saw an 18 percent increase in downloads from March 16-23, around the time California used the nation's first stay-at-home order. 

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