WWE Fan Jumps the Rail During Seth Rollins' Ring Entrance on Raw, Gets Tackled by Security

Another WWE fan tried to interrupt a match last night.

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The WWE seems to have a bit of a security problem on its hands right now. Over the last month or so, we have seen both Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose endure close calls with crazy fans during live events. And last night, it nearly happened again as a fan jumped over the rails during Seth Rollins' ring entrance prior to a match and ran alongside of him.

Fortunately for Rollins, the fan didn't try to attack him or anything. But John Cena looked noticeably concerned in the ring, and security was pretty slow to react. They did end up tackling the guy and removing him from the premises. But obviously, this could have been a really bad situation on live TV.

We hope this is the last WWE fan that we're forced to cover. But this appears as though it's quickly becoming a trend...

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