Watch a WWE Fan Attempt to Climb Into the Ring to Attack Seth Rollins During 'Raw'

A WWE fan attempted to climb into the ring to attack Seth Rollins during 'Raw' on Monday night.

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Seth Rollins is no stranger to dealing with crazy WWE fans who cross the line. During an episode of Raw last September, Rollins was making his way down to the ring when a fan attempted to jump over the rails to attack him. Fortunately, the guy got tackled by a bunch of security guards before he was able to make it to Rollins, but it was a scary situation nonetheless, and it could have been a really bad look for the WWE.

A similar situation almost played out during Raw on Monday night. As Rollins was working his way through a promo at American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, a fan attempted to climb into the ring to attack him. The man made a very brief TV appearance, which you can see at the beginning of this clip:

But he wasn’t on TV for very long, and WWE security guards swooped in to prevent the fan from doing any damage. Within just a few seconds of him making his way towards the ring, security snatched the guy up and subdued him on the ground as Rollins, ever the true professional, continued to work through his promo. You can watch it all unfold in this clip:

The fan was later identified as 23-year-old Edward Ferrero, and according to TMZ Sports, he bit one of the security guards that he came into contact with when he stormed the ring. He was eventually arrested and charged with assault and criminal trespass.

This kind of fan behavior turned into a trend for a few months in 2015 with Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose all being forced to deal with overaggressive WWE fans, but it looked like WWE had figured out a way to keep fans contained. It appears as though fans are still eager to get up close and personal with their favorite wrestlers, though, so WWE is going to have to continue to find new ways to protect their stars. Well, either that or let another wrestler lay the smack down on a fan to show why getting into the ring with a pro wrestler is a bad idea. That would work, too, right?

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