The Worst Fails in Slam Dunk Contest History

These players deserved nothing but zeros from the judges.

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Back in 1984, eight years after the ABA introduced the idea of a Slam Dunk Contest during the 1976 ABA All-Star Game, the NBA officially turned the NBA Slam Dunk Contest into an annual event. And every year since then—with the exception of 1998 and 1999—the NBA has crowned a Slam Dunk Contest winner. So we've seen all kinds of crazy dunks from guys like Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Vince Carter, Jason Richardson, and, most recently, Terrence Ross. We actually documented some of the best dunks in Slam Dunk Contest history prior to last year's event.

However, while there have been lots of great dunks over the years, there have also been some really bad ones. For instance, do you remember how painful it was to watch Chris Andersen miss dunk after dunk after dunk back in 2005? Or how lame the concept was for Baron Davis' final dunk back in 2001? Or how Gerald Green attempted to pull off the impossible last year and just couldn't manage to get it done? We're here to remind you that the Slam Dunk Contest is not always pretty. And that extends beyond just the NBA, too. Whenever a Slam Dunk Contest is held at any level of basketball, there are always some awful attempts.

We've provided you with a look at some of the worst dunk attempts in the history of Slam Dunk Contests above. Press play on the video and take a look at some of the craziest Dunk Contest-related fails ever.

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