Video Shows 76ers Rookie Jahlil Okafor Punching Man Outside of Club in Boston

Crazy scene.

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It looks like last night was a tough night for 76ers rookie Jahlil Okafor. His team dropped to 0-16 on the season after losing to the Celtics in Boston. And after the game, Okafor was reportedly involved in an altercation with a heckler outside of a club called Storyville in the city.

According to TMZ Sports, Okafor and the unidentified man exchanged words after the man yelled, “The 76ers suck” in Okafor’s direction. Okafor—the third pick in the 2015 NBA Draft—responded by yelling, “We got money, you broke ass nigga,” back at the man. And as you can see in the clip above, he then punched the man and knocked him to the ground.

TMZ Sports spoke with a representative for Okafor, who said that Okafor was heckled repeatedly after leaving the club and that he felt threatened by those who were heckling him. The rep also said that Okafor was with a teammate at the time but refused to identify which teammate it was.

More details to come. In the meantime, Twitter is predictably filled with responses like this right now:

At least the Sixers won something RT @No_Cut_Card: Jahlil gotta relax smh

— Queens Child Project & Tubi Films Project Manager (@SoloChills) November 26, 2015

@CrossingBroad he's first win of the season

— brian wiese (@wieseie) November 26, 2015

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