Tom Brady’s Wife Gisele Doesn’t Understand Why He’s Still Playing in the NFL

She’s ready for the Patriots QB to retire.

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Tom Brady’s offensive line has been pretty terrible over the last couple games. The Patriots quarterback only got sacked once against the Bills on Monday night, but he took plenty of hits in the backfield. He’s also 38, so there’s a good chance that he was still feeling those hits when he woke up on Tuesday morning.

His wife Gisele doesn’t understand why he still puts himself through it. During a media session with reporters on Wednesday, Brady was asked if she ever asks him why he continues to play in the NFL, given all of the abuse he puts his body through on a regular basis. And he revealed that she does. In fact, she just asked him about it this week.

“She says that to me all the time, definitely,” he said. “She said that to me [Tuesday] night as a matter of fact.”

When you think about it, it is kind of insane that Brady has been putting on pads and running out on to the field for 16 seasons now. I just realized that I’ve been watching Brady play since I was in high school, so…yeah. I’m old! But Brady is even older, and at some point soon, he’s probably going to start thinking the same thing Gisele is. Especially if that O-line continues to block the way it has recently.

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