The Sports World Reacts to the Tornado That Ravaged Oklahoma

Athletes offer up prayers and condolences.

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Yesterday afternoon, a devastating tornadotore through the town of Moore, OK at approximately 3 p.m. Homes, businesses, cars, and other pieces of property were destroyed. A school was leveled. A two-story hospital had its entire second floor torn off. And dozens of people were killed as a result of the tornado, with some of them being children. The tornado—which featured winds that reached 200 miles per hour—traumatized the town of Moore, the state of Oklahoma, and the entire nation.

Since the tornado touched down, athletes from all walks of life have expressed their condolences and offered up prayers for the victims of the natural disaster. Some, like Kevin Durant, play in the state of Oklahoma. Others, like Bryce Harper, don't. But their collective reaction to the tragic tornado is a reminder that there are some events like this that truly affect us all.

This is how the sports world reacted to the tornado that ravaged Oklahoma:

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