Former Panthers WR Steve Smith Provides Classy Response to Carolina Clinching Super Bowl Berth

Maybe Steve Smith doesn’t hate the Panthers after all.

They say time heals all wounds, but we were pretty sure Steve Smith was never going to forgive the Panthers after they decided to part ways with him back in 2014. He promised that there would be “blood and guts everywhere” if he ever played against the Panthers again—and then pretty much followed through on that promise when the Ravens took on Carolina the following season.

We’re sure Smith still has some animosity towards his old team, especially those on the coaching staff and in the front office. But early this morning, he jumped on Instagram to congratulate his former team on clinching a Super Bowl berth. In doing so, he also seemed to predict that they will win the Lombardi Trophy this season:

More than a few Panthers fans chimed in after the message went out to thank Smith for it and to talk about how much they still miss him:

Does this mean Smith will end up retiring with—and making peace with—Carolina one day? Ha. We doubt it. But it’s clear that at least some of the hatred he felt for the team has dissipated since he left a couple years ago.

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