Skip Bayless, Jalen Rose, and Stephen A. Smith Got Into a Heated Debate on ESPN's "First Take" This Morning

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Did you catch ESPN's First Take this morning? If not, you missed a hell of a show. After getting called out by Jalen Rose yesterday for allegedly fabricating some of the facts about his high school basketball career a few weeks ago, Skip Bayless got his chance to respond. And that response turned into an hour-long debate between Bayless, Rose, and Stephen A. Smith about the role that journalists play in sports today. The clip above shows a small portion of that debate. But, it got extremely tense at times with Rose trying to stick up for athletes everywhere and Bayless and Smith defending journalists. Cris Carter called in midway through the debate as well to offer up his two cents on the subject. And, it made for really, really good TV.

If you're by the tube now, First Take is being shown again on ESPN2. Tune in if you can. Otherwise, we'll have some more video for you soon.

[via Bleacher Report]

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