Skip Bayless Called Johnny Manziel an "Alcoholic" and a "Liar" on ESPN First Take

Is Johnny Manziel an "alcoholic" and a "liar"? Skip Bayless thinks so.

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Skip Bayless thinks Johnny Manziel has a problem.

On Friday night, Manziel reportedly threw a party in Cleveland and then missed treatment for his injured hamstring on Saturday morning—just a few days after telling reporters that he needed to start taking his NFL career "a lot more seriously." So Bayless, who has been a big supporter of Manziel in recent years, went in on Johnny Football on ESPN First Take this morning. He said that he thinks Manziel has a problem with alcohol and even went as far as to call him an "alcoholic" and a "liar" after Stephen A. Smith pushed him to clarify his position on Manziel at the moment.

"You're essentially telling me that you believe that Johnny Manziel is an alcoholic and a liar?" SAS asked. "Is that correct?"

"If you want to call him an alcoholic, I'll go that far," Skip replied. "I think he can't handle his alcohol."

It's one thing for Skip to call Manziel out for not taking football seriously enough right now. But didn't he go one step too far here by alleging that Manziel is an alcoholic? Add this to the list of ridiculous things that Skip has said on First Take over the years.


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