Here's the Security Video of Adam "Pacman" Jones Getting Into an Altercation With a Woman Recently

Take a look.

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That was fast! Just a few hours after Adam "Pacman" Jones was arrested and charged with assault for allegedly slapping a woman outside of a Cincinnati bar last Wednesday, this security video of the incident in question has surfaced. It's a little bit hard to tell exactly what went down—and obviously we have no idea what words were exchanged that led to this incident taking place—but it appears that the woman either poured beer on Pacman or hit him with a beer bottle. And he responded by getting very upset and reacting to whatever it was that she did to him with violence.

We can't definitively draw any real conclusions based on this tape. But it appears as though Jones will have a leg to stand on in court if he uses self-defense as his reason for striking the woman. Stay tuned.

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[via ESPN 1530]

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