The Rockets DJs Won't Play the "Steph Curry With the Shot" Line From Drake's "0 to 100"

"Steph Curry will not hear his name in the arena," Rockets DJ Verseatile says.

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When the Warriors visit the Rockets tomorrow night for Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals at the Toyota Center in Houston, DJ Verseatile—one of the Rockets' resident DJs—will probably play Drake's song, "0 to 100." It's kind of hard not to play that song during an NBA game in 2015. But according to him, he's not going to play the "Steph Curry with the shot" line. He's going to edit it out, just like he did during a Warriors/Rockets game back in January.

"Steph Curry will not hear his name in the arena," DJ Verseatile, born Chris Vu, told the Wall Street Journal this week. "It's not a sign of disrespect. But this is our house."

And DJ T. Gray, born Teryl Gray, agrees with Verseatile. He also plays the role of DJ during Rockets' home games, and he said he's going to steer clear of the Drake lyric as well.

"If I do play that record," he said, "I won't even let it get to that part."

Elsewhere in the WSJ piece, Warriors DJ Derrick "DJ D Sharp" Robinson talked about how he was actually apprehensive about playing "0 to 100" when it first came out because he didn't want Curry to get tired of it. You can read the entire story here.

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