Raymond Felton Will Not Face Any Jail Time for His Criminal Possession of a Weapon Charges

Raymond Felton was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon back in February. But he will not face any jail time for his charges.

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Back in February, Raymond Feltonwas arrested in New York City and charged with several counts of criminal possession of a weapon after he allegedly threatened his wife Ariane Raymondo-Felton with an unregistered gun that he kept inside the couple's home. And at the time, it sounded like the Knicks guard was going to face some serious jail time as a result of the charges that he was hit with.

But earlier today, Felton appeared before a judge and agreed to plead guilty to a reduced weapons charge. In exchange for his plea, Felton is going to avoid jail time altogether and essentially escape any major penalties as a result of his arrest (he'll have to serve some community service and pay a fine). Newsday reporter Jim Baumbach broke Felton's current situation down a short time ago:

Ray Felton has agreed to plead guilty and will avoid jail time, lawyers said on court today.
Felton did not technically plead guilty today. Instead prosecutors and his defense attorney told the judge about the deal they reached.
Felton had been facing a max of seven years in jail if convicted. Instead he will do 500 hours of community service and pay a fine of $5000.
Felton spoke briefly outside court. Thanked DA for treating him fairly. Thanked family, friends for supporting him. Didn't take questions.
Felton attorney Jim Walden: "The proof in this matter is crystal clear: Ray never threatened anyone with this or any weapon, period."
Felton attorney Walden: "We thank the DA's office for following the facts and allowing Raymond to continue his career without interruption."
To be clear, Felton will plead guilty to a reduced weapons charge at a later date. But deal means he will avoid jail time.

People on Twitter are reacting to the news about Felton, well, about how you would expect them to react:

Raymond Felton gets 500 hours of community service and a $5000 fine for last season's gun incident. His real punishment is being a Knick
Raymond Felton not going to jail might be the 2nd worst news Knicks fans have gotten within the last 24 hours
Bad news, Knick fans: Raymond Felton avoided jail time. Hope you enjoy watching him again next year. Hahahahaha

Do you think Felton got off too easy—or did the punishment fit the crime here? Either way, Felton is going to be back on the court for the Knicks next season.

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