The New Ray Lewis Statue Outside of the Ravens' Stadium Is Awesome

How great is the statue that the Ravens just gave Ray Lewis?

Image via Baltimore Sun

Ray Lewis was intense on the football field during his time with the Ravens. Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very intense. So it's not exactly a surprise to see that the statue that Baltimore just unveiled for Lewis is also intense. But good God (*Jim Ross voice*) LOOK AT THAT THING!

The Ravens showed off the statue for the first time this morning and we think it captures the essence of Ray Lewis perfectly. It's full of emotion. It's larger than life. And most importantly, it's intense. 

"I'm never leaving Baltimore," Lewis said at the statue's unveiling. "I will forever be part of this city."

Yes you will, Ray. Especially since you've got a great statue there now.

[via Baltimore Sun]

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