The Raptors Mascot Tore His Achilles Last Night and Will Be Out for the Season


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The Drake era is off to a rocky start in Toronto as the Raptors mascot suffered a season-ending injury last night prior to the team's 101-89 preseason loss to the Timberwolves. The guy wearing the Raptor suit—who was not identified by the team—tore his Achilles before the game and was unable to perform his usual tricks during the contest. And it's unclear whether or not the Raptors will sign a replacement to take over for the mascot as he rehabs his way back to health. So Toronto might have to run without the Raptor this season.

Are you listening, Drake? This is the first major crisis that you have to help deal with as the "Global Ambassador" of the Raptors. So what's your solution? Ditch the mascot for the upcoming season? Stick the mascot in a suit and have him sit on the sidelines for the entire season? Or better yet, find a replacement for the Raptor—what are all those guys sitting on the Young Money roster up to these days?!—and have him dress up as the mascot for the season? THE RAPTORS NEED ANSWERS, DRIZZY!

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