Prince Gave Steph Curry a Shout-Out During a Show in Oakland Last Night

Prince is a Steph Curry fan.

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There are no certainties in life. That’s the conclusion that Prince came to during two sold-out 'Piano & A Microphone' shows in Oakland last night. According to this San Francisco Chronicle report, Prince went on a long-winded “meditation” at one point during one of the shows and wondered what you can “count on” in life. The answer: Nothing. Except, well, except Steph Curry.

“What can you truly count on besides Steph Curry?” he said at the Paramount Theatre. “And you can count on Steph.”

Yes, you can, Prince. Yes. You. Can.

Prince has always been a big basketball fan, so it’s not super surprising to hear him give Curry a shout out. But if you’re Steph, how cool is it that Prince is now acknowledging you during shows? The Drake line was cool and all, but...Prince!

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[via San Francisco Chronicle]

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