Listen to Petey Pablo's New Panthers Anthem "Carolina Colors"

The Panthers need to adopt this as their official song ASAP.

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This might just be a coincidence, but about two weeks ago, a Panthers fan who uses the Twitter handle @thetrolleywalk took to his blog Charlotte Agenda and wrote an open letter to Petey Pablo—or Mr. Pablo as he called him—and asked him to come up with a new anthem for Cam Newton & Co. The fan pointed out that this is the song that the team used to use:

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And, well, yeah. It’s not very current. There have been a handful of other rappers who have tried to create anthems for the Panthers, but none of them have really stuck. So this fan begged "Mr. Pablo" to do something about that—and even wrote a verse for him to use.

Petey Pablo didn’t use that verse, and hell, for all we know, he never even saw the letter. But he did just drop a new Panthers anthem called “Carolina Colors” and, we have to say, it’s good! Really good even. Whenever rappers try to come up with anthems like this for sports teams, it’s always a little bit of a risk because no one wants to sit and listen to a rapper using a bunch of lame sports references. But Petey Pablo actually came through with one of the better sports anthems we’ve ever heard.

You can listen to "Carolina Colors"/watch a bunch of random Panthers highlights here:

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It’s unclear if the Panthers have gotten around to listening to this yet, as Jonathan Stewart just posted this clip of several Panthers players rapping along to Drake in the team hot tub:

But they need to adopt Petey Pablo’s song as their official team anthem ASAP if they haven't already.

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