Old Man Punches Bear in the Face, Taunts It During Post-Fight Interview

This guy punched a bear in the face to save his dog.

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Carl Moore is one crazy SOB.

Recently, Moore spotted a bear in his yard outside of his California home. But he didn't run away from it like most people would. He also didn't call Animal Control. Instead, he did pretty much the most insane thing possible. In an effort to protect his dog Lacy, he cocked his fist back, ran directly at the bear, and clocked it right in the head. And when he was done, he told a local news reporter all about it.

"I ain't running from nothing," he said. "I never have in my whole life, and I ain't gonna start now!"

Unfortunately, video of the encounter doesn't exist (boo!). But Moore, a former Marine, has a friend who vouched for his story. And it sounds like we could be headed for a rematch at some point, because Moore is talking a ton of trash about the bear right now.

"That guy's a jerk," he said, "but he ain't been back since he got smacked by Carl."

Or in other words:


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Carl, you're our new hero. But next time you decide to fight a wild animal, make sure the camera is rolling.

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