O.J. Simpson Threw a Ridiculous Super Bowl Party in His Jail Cell Last Week

Sounds like a blast!

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O.J. Simpson may be sitting behind bars in Nevada right now. But, the guy still loves to party! So, when Super Bowl XLVII kicked off earlier this month, O.J. reportedly had a gang of his jailhouse buddies over to watch it on a small TV that he has in his prison cell. We're not sure how many people can fit into an 80-square-foot cell. But, from the sound of things, it was one hell of a party.

"If you have money, you can buy a TV at the inmate store and put it in your cell," O.J.'s friend Norman Pardo told the New York Post. "He's like the Godfather of the prison now."

Wow. Fun. We'll be sure to add "Godfather of Lovelock Correctional Center" to O.J.'s resume immediately.

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[via NY Post]


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