Odell Beckham Jr. and Ronda Rousey Have a Fascinating Conversation About Dolphins and Sharks

Who knew a convo about dolphins and sharks could be so interesting?

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During a recent sit-down with DraftKings, Odell Beckham Jr. told Ronda Rousey about how he has spent the NFL offseason living with Drake. He has since confirmed that he’s still living with Drake by dropping a series of videos that feature him dancing to Young Thug songs next to Drizzy’s pool. But that’s not the only interesting thing that OBJ and Rousey discussed during their time together.

Yesterday, DraftKings released another video that features OBJ and Rousey getting to know one another. It starts off by posing the question “What animal do you most identify with?” to both star athletes. And after OBJ chooses a lion as his spirit animal, Rousey provides a long-winded response that jump-starts a fascinating conversation between the two about, of all things, dolphins and sharks.

“The only animal I’d want to be is a dolphin, for a couple reasons,” Rousey says. “This isn’t directed at you, I’m just saying, in general. I think dolphins are one of the few species on Earth that has sex recreationally. And they have really complex social systems and they’re really sweet to each other, ya know? Dolphins, like, kinda cuddle and caress each other. I don’t know, it’s just I watch the documentaries, and it’s just like—that lion [expletive] is mean, okay? That’s like a really terrible relationship, and I don’t wanna be in a lion relationship. Like, ‘Hi, I’m the new guy in town. I’m going to kill your babies and [expletive] you in the forest.’ Like, what? No, I don’t want that. I want to be a dolphin.”

OBJ then rethinks his decision to be a lion and settles on a shark instead.

“OK, I don’t want to be a lion anymore,” he jokes. “I actually would probably have to say something like a shark. Just something that’s so feared and so powerful in their own environment [Ed. note: So...like a lion?!] . I heard they kill dolphins, too, but that’s besides the point.”

“What kind of shark?” Rousey asks. “Because some dolphins kill sharks, like bottle-nosed dolphins kill sharks.”

“I’m talking about the shark that’s like 50 [feet], probably one of the world’s biggest sharks,” OBJ says. “What is that? A great white?”

“Great white shark is the biggest shark,” Rousey says. “Well, like [the biggest] carnivorous shark. The whale shark eats plankton, and it’s bigger.”

“I’m a carnivore,” OBJ says. “For sure.”

Wow. Rousey busted out all kinds of dolphin and shark knowledge there, didn’t she?

Once they were done talking about dolphins and sharks—they went on for quite some time—OBJ and Rousey also discussed their ideal fantasy sports, their celebrity crushes, and whether or not Jennifer Lopez is dating anybody at the moment (spoiler alert: That’s who OBJ picked as his crush). Check out the clip above to see their conversation.

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