Is the NBA Going to Fine J.R. Smith for Pulling on Vince Carter's Headband Last Night?

He's moved on from untying shoelaces.

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After the NBAfined J.R. Smith $50,000 back in early January for untying Shawn Marion's shoelaces in the middle of a game, the Knicks guard seemed to learn his lesson and stopped untying players' shoes during games. But has he moved on to headbands now?

Towards the end of the Mavericks/Knicks game last night—which the Knicks ended up losing in heartbreaking fashion—Smith pulled on Vince Carter's headband. Carter laughed it off, and it didn't end up having any impact on the game. But Smith clearly tugged on Carter's headband. See for yourself in the clip above or in this screengrab from the video:

After the game, though, Smith denied doing it and told reporters that he did not pull on Carter's headband.

"No, your eyes were playing tricks on you," he said. "You're reaching for that one. I [already] got fined once for that shit."

Reaching? Ummm…

We doubt the NBA will take any serious action against Smith here. But then again, we didn't think Smith would manage to pick up a $50K fine last month for untying a player's shoelaces. So who knows? After the NBA sees this, there may be a fine in Smith's future.

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