This Mayweather/Pacquiao Haircut Will Cost You $200

Would you pay $200 for this Mayweather/Pacquiao haircut?

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Want to let everybody know how excited you are about the Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao fight? Well, you could just tell them. And chances are, they'll respond, "Me, too," because who isn't excited about the fight? Or if you want to do them one better, you could throw down about $200 and get a wild Mayweather/Pacquiao haircut like the guy in the photo above.

The boxing fan got the haircut from a barber named Anthony who works for Elegance USA in Concord, Calif. during a hair show down in Puerto Rico. According to TMZ Sports, Anthony has also carved photos of Michael Jordan, Klay Thompson, and other athletes into peoples' heads in the past. But he rolled this particular 'cut out to capitalize off all the excitement surrounding the fight of the century. And we'd say that he succeeded.

How many other people do you think are going to try to pull off this look between now and May 2?


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