Man Keys a Police Officer's Car Without Realizing That the Cop Is Sitting Inside of It

A Staten Island, N.Y. man keyed a cop's car last week. Unfortunately, the cop was sitting inside of the car when he did it.

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Early last week, a Staten Island, N.Y. man saw a 2013 Toyota Scion with tinted windows parked outside of his home and didn't like that it was parked there. So he decided to teach a lesson to the car's owner by running outside and keying the car from the driver's side door all the way back to the car's rear panel. However, what he failed to realize was that: A) The Scion belongs to a police officer who lives nearby, and B) The police officer was sitting inside of the Scion the whole time! So as the man keyed the car, the off-duty cop watched him do it and notified police of what he was doing.

The man, later identified as 66-year-old Tommy Pellicano, did more than $250 worth of damage to the car, according to police. And he also tried to tell police, "We can fix this, I'll pay for it," when they showed up. But Pellicano has been charged with third and fourth-degree criminal mischief charges and will have to make a court appearance next month. It serves him right for allegedly trying to commit such a senseless crime right in front of a cop.

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