Comedian Lee Nelson Interrupts Press Conference, Makes It Rain on FIFA President Sepp Blatter

Another embarrassing moment for FIFA.

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Last month, English comedian Lee Nelsonran on stage during Kanye West's set at Glastonbury and was quickly escorted away. He took to Twitter later to say that he did it simply to show support for 'Ye:

Lee Nelson: "Sepp, this is for North Korea in 2026."

A short time ago, Nelson struck again, and this time, we don't think it was to show support. He interrupted a press conference featuring FIFA president Sepp Blatter by throwing a bunch of fake money at him and saying that he was giving it to him on behalf of North Korea for the 2026 World Cup. Blatter reportedly responded by storming out of the room and delaying the press conference:

Blatter made a completely nonsensical comment on money-thrower: "I called my late-mother and she said it's a lack of education."

— Sam Borden (@SamBorden) July 20, 2015

When he returned, he had this to say about it:

And in related news, FIFA has announced that it is planning on electing a new president in February 2016. So all in all, a great start to the week for Blatter!

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