LeBron James Spent His Weekend Hanging Out on a Yacht in Italy and Posting Hilarious Instagram Stories

LeBron James hung out on a yacht in Italy over the weekend and posted hilarious Instagram Stories for his followers.

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Remember when LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Paul spent a few days hanging out on a yacht somewhere off the coast of Spain earlier this summer while Snapchatting their adventures? It was amazing and featured the three singing, dancing, and doing a bunch of other things that you’d expect rich NBA players to be doing in the middle of the offseason. Well, it looks like LeBron is back at it again!

LeBron spent his weekend on a yacht in Italy, and while D-Wade and CP3 weren’t with him, he put on a one-man show for his Instagram followers that was every bit as funny as the one he put on with the "Brotherhood" back in June. LeBron used the new Instagram Stories feature to record a bunch of hilarious clips that showed him eating pancakes, watching his friends (including Nuggets president Josh Kroenke) jump off the side of the boat, and sounding like he’s soaking up every single moment of fun this summer (he even drops an F-bomb at one point, because why not?). LeBron may lay off the social media during the NBA Playoffs, but he clearly makes up for it once the postseason is over.

@NBAOffTheCourt put a bunch of the IG clips LeBron uploaded together to create one long look at LeBron’s crazy weekend:

LeBron still has more than a month left before he needs to start buckling down and getting ready for the 2016-17 NBA season. Until then, you can probably expect a lot more of these IG Stories to come out. It's good to be King James right now.

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