A Knicks Fan Got Ejected From Madison Square Garden Last Night for Yelling "Where's Your Gun?" at Raymond Felton (Video)

A Knicks fan got ejected for heckling Raymond Felton and yelling "Where's your gun?" at him during a game last night.

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It's been a long season for Knicks fans. So you can't really blame them for being frustrated right now. But last night, one angry fan took things a little bit too far towards the end of the Bulls/Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. And he got ejected from the contest as a result of it.

As you can hear in the video above, the unnamed fan—who was sitting fairly close to the court—yelled several things at Knicks guard Raymond Felton during the fourth quarter. And one of those things was "Bang, bang, bang, Felton! Where's your gun?" A fellow fan who was sitting near the guy confirmed what he said after the game:

@StevePopper I was an eyewitness. The building was silent and he was screaming "bang, bang, bang, Felton! Where's your gun? Bang bang bang!"

The fan in question was, of course, referencing Felton's legal issues from earlier this year. And while it's definitely not the worst thing we've ever heard someone yell at an NBA player, it was enough to get him kicked out of the game.

Check out the video above to hear the fan heckle Felton and to see other fans point him out to help security eject him.

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