Kevin Garnett Reveals Why Rajon Rondo Was So Motivated Against Jeremy Lin and the Knicks

RR's incredible triple-double didn't happen by accident.

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Rajon Rondo's stats during yesterday's Celtics/Knicks game were off the charts. If Danny Ainge really wasthinking about trading him, those thoughts got put to bed when RR dropped 18 points, 20 assists, and 17 rebounds on Jeremy Lin during the nationally-televised contest. But Kevin Garnett thinks it's actually those trade talks that have been swirling around him—coupled with the fact that Rondo was matched up against Lin—that helped him put up such crazy numbers during the game.

"Rondo's line is one that I haven't seen since I've been in the league," KG said last night. "Very, very impressive. I had to come in here and give him some real [praise] after that. I saved the box score. Just as a witness that I was here and I actually got to see this up front and center...The thing about Lin is I think everybody who's at the point guard position is going to be excited to play the kid. [Rondo[ was nothing short of that today. I could see it. I could tell. I've been around him to know when he's motivated and when he's more than motivated. Tonight was one of those nights. The trade talks really is a motivating factor for him. If you know Rondo, he's an 'I'll-show-you' type of person."

Yep. He showed us. And Danny Ainge. Now, will he please end the speculation once and for all and take Double R off the trading block for good?

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