Kevin Durant Has an Awesome New Nickname, and We Think This One Is Going to Stick

We love it.

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Everything about Kevin Durant is great. His game? Great. His attitude? Great. His commercials? Great. His nickname? Ehhhh…Okay, so almost everything about Kevin Durant is great.

For the last few years, KD has gone by the nickname "Durantula." And while it's a sort of clever play on the word tarantula, it's not that great when you compare it to other NBA nicknames. In fact, it's pretty lame when you compare it to other NBA nicknames and, truthfully, we usually stick to calling Durant "KD" instead of "Durantula" whenever we refer to him. But that's about to change.

During Durant's 46-point performance against the Trail Blazers last night, NBA fans on Reddit kicked around a bunch new nicknames for KD to try and describe his greatness. And one Reddit user came up with a nickname that's so good [Note: Scroll down and check out the "Update" at the bottom of this post to see where the nickname originated.] that we think we're ready to start using it regularly when we refer to KD. You ready to hear it? You sure? Your mind is going to be blown!

From now on, KD shall be known as…

Slim Reaper.

Ha. Not bad, right? Not bad at all. It's way better than Durantula. And we're not the only ones who like it. Lots of other people like it, too:

wow Slim Reaper is such a better nickname for KD than Durantula
slim reaper > durantula
Loving @KDTrey5 new nick name aka the 'Slim Reaper'
The Slim Reaper is the best fucking nickname. EVER.
Slim Reaper is a great nickname for Durant.

So there you have it. Slim Reaper it is! You with it?


Shortly after we put this post up earlier today, we hit Reddit to see if we could track down the user who actually came up with the nickname "Slim Reaper"—and we think we found him. Although "Slim Reaper" took off on Reddit last night during the Trail Blazers/Thunder game, a Reddit user who goes by the name "Beardfunk" actually started using the nickname about eight months ago during a Thunder/Grizzlies game. His inspiration for coming up with the nickname was, well, just see for yourself. Ha. Cheers!


Unfortunately, Kevin Durant is not a fan of his new nickname.

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