Kevin Durant hasn't been on Twitter much this month. If you haven't noticed, he's been too busy lighting up the NBA to tweet. But a short time ago, KD jumped on Twitter and told his fans that he was going to answer a few questions from them. He answered one about Steph Curry, one about Richard Sherman, and one about new Redskins head coach Jay Gruden.

But the most interesting question that he answered was one about his new nickname "Slim Reaper." The nickname was given to him by a Reddit user and has quickly caught on. But according to Durant, he likes one of his other nicknames better:

Awwww. Does that mean that Slim Reaper isn't going to be his new nickname like we were hoping? Not necessarily. The nickname is so good that we doubt people are going to stop using it. But we were really expecting a better response from KD. Maybe this will change his mind?!

Image by Jamie Rockaway

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[via @KDTrey5]