Jordin Sparks Gave the Middle Finger to a Seahawks Fan on Sunday Night

Jordin Sparks doesn't like the Seahawks very much.

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It might be Christmastime right now. But on Sunday night, prior to the start of the Seahawks/Cardinals game in Arizona, Jordin Sparks was not feeling very festive. Reason being, Sparks—who loves the Cardinals and sang the national anthem before the game—reportedly got into it with a Seahawks fan. And when that Seahawks fan tried to take a photo of her, she responded by flipping him the bird:


It doesn't sound like she was too upset, though. Because after TMZ Sports posted the photo above yesterday, she took to Twitter to explain that her middle finger was nothing more than "good football fun":


Bahahah nothing like good football fun! 😂 RT @TMZ: Jordin Sparks -- Flips the Bird to Seahawks Fan

— Jordin Sparks (@JordinSparks) December 23, 2014

Ha. Sadly, Sparks' team let her down on Sunday night, eventually losing to the Seahawks. But the Cardinals are still headed to the playoffs and there's a chance they could end up facing the Seahawks again. So this might not be the last confrontation we see between Sparks and Seahawks fans this season.

[via Fox Sports]

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