Jimmy Kimmel Congratulates Erin Andrews on Winning $55 Million Lawsuit, Asks Her for $1 Million

Jimmy Kimmel and Erin Andrews talked about her $55 million lawsuit last night.

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Earlier this month, Erin Andrews won the lawsuit that she filed against a Marriott hotel and a man named Michael David Barrett who secretly videotaped her in the nude through a peephole at the hotel. A jury awarded her $55 million, and while there’s a good chance that she won’t see most of that money in the end, it was a huge victory for her.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Jimmy Kimmel congratulated Andrews on the victory—and then (jokingly!) asked her if she would give him $1 million. Andrews is still going through the appeals process in court, so she couldn’t talk about the lawsuit much. But she did thank everyone for their support throughout her legal battle.

Check out the clip above to see a portion of Andrews’ interview with Kimmel last night.

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