Hope Solo and Former NFL Player Jerramy Stevens Were Involved in a Really Bizarre Domestic Dispute Yesterday

It's a very confusing situation.

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Yesterday, the world found out that Hope Solo was reportedly dating former NFL player Jerramy Stevens. But, today, there's a much different story emerging about the couple.

According to Seattle PI, Solo and Stevens aren't just dating, they're actually engaged. And, they're not just engaged, they're actually on the brink of getting married any day now. In fact, there are reports out there indicating that Solo and Stevens were preparing to get married today. But, wait: It gets even stranger. According to the same Seattle PI report, Solo and Stevens were also involved in a really bizarre domestic dispute that occurred at a house party in Kirkland, Wash. last night that resulted in Stevens getting arrested on domestic violence charges.

So, what happened? Well, it's hard to say exactly. In fact, it's hard to even summarize. The "domestic dispute" was, to put it bluntly, a real clusterfuck. It involved Hope's brother MarcusSolo, a stun gun, an argument between Hope and Jerramy over where they were going to live once they got married, and, well, a bunch of other really off-the-wall shit (the weirdest detail: Stevens was found sleeping on a bedroom floor with blood all over him when police arrived). But, in the end, Stevens—who, by the way, has an incredibly sketchy past—was arrested on fourth-degree domestic violence charges and spent most of today in the slammer before he was released earlier this afternoon.

For a full account of what happened—and to make yourself thoroughly confused!—check out the most current report of the incident over here. We'll keep you updated once the situation starts to make a little more sense. This definitely doesn't look too good for Solo, Stevens, or anyone else that was involved in the dispute, though. We hope it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds.

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