Gilbert Arenas Finally Explains Why He Pulled Out Four Guns in the Wizards Locker Room in December 2009

The truth shall set you free, Gil.

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Don't look now, but Gilbert Arenas is enjoying a bit of a resurgence with the Memphis Grizzlies this season. Although he's only averaging about five points per contest through 10 games—a far cry from the number of points he used to put up—he's finally starting to get some PT and knocking down some big shots for the Grizz.

He's also trying to get people to stop asking him about the infamous gun incident that took place back in December 2009 when he was a member of the Washington Wizards. So, during a recent interview with USA Today, the basketball player formerly known as Agent Zero (he doesn't answer to that nickname anymore) cleared the air by revealing exactly why he pulled four guns out in the Wizards locker room and earned himself a season-long suspension that derailed his career. Here goes:

According to Arenas, then-Wizards center JaVale McGee beat former Wizards guard Javaris Crittenton out of $1100 in a card game. But, former Wiz guard Earl Boykins had previously loaned McGee $200, so after McGee won the money, Crittenton started yelling at him and telling him to pay Boykins back.

"'Pay the man his [expletive] money. You've got all my money,'" Arenas remembers Crittenton yelling at McGee. "So I jumped in, 'Why you talking to your teammates like this? We family.' That's when [Crittenton] started coming at me. '[Expletive, racial slur], just because you got all money, this and this and this.' That's when we started going back and forth. I didn't owe him anything. It was over a $1100 pot he just lost."

That's when the gun talk started. "Someone said they were going to shoot me," Arenas says. "So since I'm one of those guys who says, 'I want to see this happen. I want to see you actually shoot me,' that's where that came from. I brought four guns in and said [in a note], 'Pick 1, so the day you want to shoot me let me know, I'll be ready to get shot.'"

More word were exchanged. The media got wind of it. One thing led to another and…bam. Arenas had his whole world turned upside down for the better part of the next three years. Case (finally!) closed.

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