Game Rips Orlando Scandrick for Filing a Restraining Order Against Draya Michele

Safe to say Game doesn't agree with Orlando Scandrick's decision.

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Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele's relationship has taken yet another turn for the worst. According to TMZ Sports, Scandrick has filed a restraining order against Draya. The Cowboys cornerback claims Draya has used pepper spray against him, thrown objects like candles at him, and even threatened to "throw bleach in his eyes." Wild stuff.

Despite these crazy accusations, it seems rapper Game doesn't agree with Scandrick filing a restraining order against his former fiancée. Shortly after the news about the restraining order hit, Baller Alert posted this on Instagram:

And when they did, Game responded by leaving a comment on the IG post and taking some shots at Scandrick:

"That's some hoe shit," he wrote. "These niggas out here gettin [cornier] by the minute!!! Wtf draya gone do to em' besides put a mint swimsuit on this nigga??"

And Scandrick responded by…following Game on IG?

As you'd guess, all of this has led to people FLOODING Scandrick's IG page with corn and bathing suit emojis:

If what Scandrick is alleging in his restraining order turns out to be true, though, do you blame him for taking the steps that he has? Stay tuned, because it sounds like there's going to be more to this story.

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