Full Contact Skydiving Is Definitely the Craziest Sport We've Ever Seen (Video)

A new sport called Full Contact Skydiving is sweeping the globe. It combines MMA fighting with skydiving.

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Jumping out of a plane is crazy. So is taking part in an MMA match. But do you know what’s really crazy? Doing both of those things…at the same damn time.

Impossible? Nah, son. Say hello to Full Contact Skydiving, which is being billed as “the most exciting sport on earth in the sky.” It combines elements of “Norwegian Jiu-Jitsu” and “Skuay Thai” to provide those who do it with a full body workout that has physical and mental benefits. And right now, there are small groups of people all over the world who are taking part in Full Contact Skydiving. It’s being called “the fastest growing aerial contact sport in the world” (maybe because it’s the only one?), and it’s catching on so quickly that MMA fighter Urijah Faber just got involved with the sport as a coach.

If you want to see what the sport is all about, check out the clip above. Super crazy, right?

[via Full Contact Skydiving]

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