ESPN Fires Hugh Douglas for Getting Into an Altercation With His "Numbers Never Lie" Co-Host Michael Smith

He's a goner.

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With the 2013-14 NFL season set to kick off in a few weeks, Hugh Douglas was likely preparing to be all over ESPN in the coming months. Outside of serving as a co-host on ESPN's Numbers Never Lie, the former NFL player was also a frequent guest on other ESPN shows during the NFL season. However, earlier today, ESPN announced that they are parting ways with Douglas, effective immediately, after doing an investigation into an altercation that took place between Douglas and his NNL co-host Michael Smith recently.

"He no longer works for us effective today," an ESPN spokesperson told Sports Illustrated a short time ago.

So there you have it. Douglas is officially a free agent. Anyone else out there—ahemFoxSports1ahem—interested in picking him up?


Douglas responded to getting canned by ESPN on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon:

I am very disappointed to be leaving ESPN and will have more to say about this situation and my future at the appropriate time

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[via SI]

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