Drake Compares Himself to Kevin Durant

Unfortunately, his reason doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

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We love Drake around these parts right now. If you haven't seen by now, dude is the latest guy to grace our cover. But he recently sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about, amongst other things, the NBA player he would compare himself to. And his choice is one that we don't necessarily agree with.

"I would liken myself to Kevin Durant," he said, "just based off the fact I think Kevin Durant is somebody who people want him so bad to fall or mess up, but he just consistently delivers. Every night and all these games he's playing now, even with the lockout, he just consistently delivers the same highlights, the same amount of points."

Hmmm...We agree with the fact that KD delivers. And that he consistently delivers. And we could even be talked into a Drake/Durant comparison with the right reasons attached. But, c'mon, man: It's not because people want to see both of them fail. In fact, we're pretty sure that we couldn't find a single person in the entire world (outside of maybe a few bitter Oklahoma fans!) who doesn't want to see KD do well. The kid is, like, the nicest kid on the planet. So, nice try, Drizzy. But please try again.

[via Rolling Stone]

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