Donald Trump Refers to Donald Sterling's Girlfriend V. Stiviano as "The Girlfriend From Hell" (Video)

Donald Trump made an appearance on "Fox and Friends" today to talk about the Donald Sterling situation.

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Earlier today, Donald Trump made an appearance on Fox & Friends to discuss the Donald Sterling situation. And as you'd probably expect, he made some headlines while doing it.

During his brief appearance, The Donald called Sterling's girlfriend V. Stiviano "the girlfriend from hell." He chastised her for recording the Clippers owner. And he insinuated that Sterling might be "out of it," which he believes would explain why Sterling was so open and honest about his racist feelings with Stiviano.

Fortunately, Trump does calling Sterling's comments "despicable" and admits that Sterling should be "expelled" from the NBA immediately. But…yeah. As you'll hear, the folks at Fox don't seem quite as outraged as everyone else with regards to the things Sterling said. Listen to the interview in the clip above.

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