Dennis Rodman Thinks NBA Players Should Bow Down to the NBA Owners

Ah, why didn't they think of that in the first place?

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In case you've been wondering where Dennis Rodman stands on the NBA lockout, wonder no more! The Toronto Sun tracked Dennis the Menace down at the Pattison Canadian International—because of course DR's schedule these days includes going to big horse races in Canada—and asked him how he thinks NBA players should handle the lockout. And, in true Rodman fashion, he had this advice to give them.

"I just think that...the players should bow down," he said. "They should bow down."

Sigh. Any other words of encouragement?

"In 1999, we [were locked out] and we missed half the season. The owners bowed down then. They gave the players everything. I think the players should do the same thing for the owners because today most of these teams are losing money. It's not the players' fault. It's the owners' fault. I think they should give a little bit and move on."

Wow. Done yet, Dennis?'re not?

"I don't think [the players] work that hard because most of the players don't give a damn about the game," Rodman continued. "They want the money. I'm not taking the owners' side. [Ed note: YOU'RE NOT?!] I just think the players should look at themselves. 'OK, I'm making $16 million or $17 million a year, but what have I accomplished?' Most of the players haven't accomplished anything. That's what you have to look at."

Yikes. Soooooo, it's probably safe to say that Derek Fisher won't be inviting you to any National Basketball Players Association meetings, eh? Get back to your horse race, pal. [via Pro Basketball Talk]

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