Darko Milicic Loses First Kickboxing Match, Still Calls Himself "Invincible"

Darko Milicic is still out here catching Ls.

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Darko Milicic's NBA career was a gigantic bust. And it doesn't appear as though his kickboxing career—which he launched earlier this year—is getting off to too good of a start, either.

Darko just took part in his first official kickboxing match. He fought a Serbian kickboxer named Radovan Radojcic. And during the match, he sustained a cut on his left leg that, for whatever reason, wouldn't stop bleeding. So the match was stopped in the second round, and Darko was handed the first L of his short kickboxing career.

But despite the loss, Darko didn't seem all that broken up about it. He even referred to himself as "invincible" during a post-fight interview.

"The next time, it will be better," he said. "I'm invincible."

Invincible? Riiiiiiight. Stay tuned to see if his second fight ends up being any better than his first one was.

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