Too Soon? Chris Rock Sent Out a Lamar Odom "Coke and Hookers" Joke on Twitter

Odom is improving but still in the hospital.

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Even though it sounds like Lamar Odom is doing much better right now after his recent health scare, he’s not anywhere close to 100 percent healthy. According to TMZ Sports, his kidneys are still a big issue, and he also had to undergo two emergency surgeries yesterday. Additionally, he's reportedly in a “fragile mental state” at this time.

With that in mind, it’s probably definitely too soon for people to be cracking jokes about Odom, who reportedly reunited with Khloe Kardashian as a result of his recent ordeal. But that’s not stopping people from doing it anyway. Twitter is filled with jokes about Odom, Khloe, and James Harden right now, with more than a few people joking that Odom somehow staged a drug overdose to reunite with his wife.

Last night, Chris Rock—who just agreed to host the Oscars next year—decided to get in on the, er, fun by tweeting about Odom. His actual tweet said “Stay strong Lamar” but the meme located within the tweet featured a joke about coke, hookers, and, well, just see for yourself:

Stay strong Lamar.

— Chris Rock (@chrisrock) October 23, 2015

As we mentioned, Rock isn’t the first person to suggest this. But…too soon?

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