Chris Paul Hilariously Whistled for Turnover After Giving High-Five to James Harden's Mom

Chris Paul was able to laugh after he got called for a turnover for giving a high-five to James Harden's mom.

Chris Paul didn’t play his best game of the 2017-18 NBA season against the Jazz on Monday night, but he did do enough to help the Rockets earn their 13th straight win. CP3 scored 15 points, grabbed 6 rebounds, dished out 7 assists, and committed just two turnovers in Houston's 96-85 win in Utah. CP3 was also involved in one of the most bizarre—and hilarious—plays you’ll see this season while committing one of those two turnovers, and it was all thanks to James Harden’s mom Monja Willis of all people.

The play in question took place with the Rockets leading by 11 points and less than 20 seconds remaining on the clock at the end of the fourth quarter. As the Jazz waved the proverbial white flag and conceded defeat, CP3 stood near half-court dribbling the basketball and watching the clock tick down to zero. But before it made its way there, CP3 decided to get a premature jump on the post-game celebration by making his way over to the sideline to say hello to Harden’s mom and give her a high-five. And when he did, one of the game’s referees responded by whistling CP3 for a turnover since it’s apparently against the rules to high-five someone standing out of bounds while you're holding the ball in bounds, even if that someone just so happens to be your teammate’s mom.

Fortunately for everyone involved, the strange call didn’t have any effect on the outcome of the game. But those who stuck around to see the end of the contest were obviously amused by what happened. The play involving CP3 and Harden’s mom got quite a reaction on social media.

It also got quite a reaction from CP3 and Harden after the game. CP3 posted a clip of the play on his own Twitter and wrote "Get ya moms!" to Harden.

Harden responded by writing, "Come on mom," under a clip of the play the Rockets posted on Instagram.

And even Steph Curry chimed in on the play at one point. After catching the highlight on Instagram, he wondered why the ref decided to call CP3 for a turnover in the first place.

There have been plenty of weird plays that have taken place in the NBA over the years, but we think this might be the first time we’ve ever seen one like this. See it go down for yourself in the clip above.

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