Carlos Boozer Explains "Holdat," Claims Kobe Bryant Used It This Season

Carlos Boozer explained "Holdat" to reporters during his exit interview.

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If you've watched an NBA game involving Carlos Boozer over the course of the last few seasons, there's a good chance you've heard him yell, "Holdat!" at one time or another. He's made a habit out of yelling it, well, CONSTANTLY! He was asked about it back in 2012 when he was still with the Bulls…and he's continued to use it with the Lakers​.

Today, Boozer even went as far as to wear a "Holdat" shirt to his exit interview:


So one reporter did what Twitter has already dubbed "God's work" by asking Boozer to explain the meaning of "Holdat." And he provided one, before revealing that Kobe Bryant used "Holdat" a few times during the 2014-15 NBA season.

"He did a couple times," he said. "A lot of the times when he said it this year he was actually in a suit on the bench. But yeah, he gave me a couple Holdats this year."

Check out the video above to hear Boozer break it down. It's probably the best Lakers highlight of the year.

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