Wait, Cam'ron Was Actually Serious When He Rapped About Wanting to Fight Bernard Hopkins on "Humphrey"?!

We would pay to see that.

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On Wednesday morning, we premiered the new Cam'ron and A-Trak song, "Humphrey," from the duo's upcoming EP, Federal Reserve, right here on Complex.com. And in the song, Cam made a relatively disrespectful reference to boxer Bernard Hopkins.

"Dame said I'm buggin' 'cause I wanna fight B-Hop," he rapped, "I said, 'I'll fuck him up after two months of detox.'"

Ha! Good one, Cam. Glad to see you can still talk trash with the best of them. Except, as it turns out, Cam wasn't just talking trash.

He's actually somewhat serious about the idea of fighting the 49-year-old Hopkins and told Miss Info all about how he might get into the ring with him for a pay-per-view event sometime later this year. Miss Info didn't provide any direct quotes from Cam in her report. But she did say that Cam pointed out that B-Hop hasn't knocked anyone out since 2004. So he thinks he might stand a chance.

We think Cam is crazy for even thinking that he could get into the ring with an actual boxer (two months of rehab doesn't sound like the recipe for success when it comes to fighting a professional). But we have to admit that we would definitely pay, well, just about anything to see this take place. We won't hold for our breath for it. But we're going to keep a close eye on this to see if it ever materializes.

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