Canadian TV Personality Cabbie Conducts the Strangest Kobe Bryant Interview You’ll See All Season

This might be the final time Cabbie interviews Kobe as an NBA player.

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Over the course of the last 20 years, Kobe Bryant has developed relationships with quite a few members of the media and made some great memories with them. But none of those relationships are anything like the one he has with Cabral “Cabbie” Richards, a Canadian TV personality who first met Kobe back in 2005. This 2010 ESPN profile on Cabbie reveals how Cabbie brings out a different side of Kobe. In the past, Kobe has called Cabbie “aggressively nice and obnoxiously kind,” and he has clearly taken a liking to his approach to doing interviews.

In the clip above, you can see Cabbie’s latest interview with Kobe. At this point in the season, Kobe has done dozens, if not hundreds, of interviews where he’s talked about his retirement, but we’re pretty sure he hasn’t done one quite like this. It starts with Cabbie giving Kobe a retirement card (and attempting to give him a hug) and ends with him trying to convince Kobe to let him live in a museum in his house. Kobe also touches on how he might become a gamer to keep himself occupied once he hangs up his sneakers for good.

We’re pretty sure you’re not going to see another Kobe interview like this for the rest of the season, so enjoy it. You can also relive Cabbie and Kobe’s first ever interview below if you’re not familiar with their ongoing shtick:

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