There’s something I’ve learned about covering Kobe Bryant over the years: There is always a story to tell. 

How that tale is told primarily hinges on who is stringing the words together. Kobe Bryant has spent 20 years—the majority of his life—playing professional basketball in Los Angeles, in that time racking up more than a few legends. This particular narrative is told by those who have helped shape Kobe's story. 

For me, the moment was introducing myself to someone underneath the Lakers' tunnel, and having Kobe walk by, pat my shoulder, and tell her I was “good people.”

But that’s just me. Here are 18 other journalists' favorite Kobe Bryant stories.

Bill MacDonald is in his fifth season as the Lakers television play-by-play announcer on Time Warner Cable SportsNet, though he’s covered Kobe since the very beginning. Calling Kobe’s historic 81-point game will always top the list, but so will that night he raced Bryant home on the 405 freeway.

“​Since Kobe and I live near each other, he would say to me, after the games ‘Wanna race home?’ But, we never left at the same time, until this one day. I’m driving down the 405 and I see Kobe’s car in front of me. It was stopped and I happened to blow right past him with my middle finger out the window like ‘Fuck you!’ and I’m screaming at him and what does he do? We proceed to play cat and mouse for the next 25 minutes all the way down the San Diego freeways, breaking all kind of rules…Now, his car was a little more expensive than mine and a little more high performance and there was no way in his competitiveness, that he was going to lose to me, so when we crossed the finish line and the checkered flag came out, Bryant beat me home.”​