Brandon Knight's Wikipedia Page Was Desecrated After He Got Dunked On by DeAndre Jordan Last Night

That's just wrong.

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It's not bad enough that Brandon Knightgot dunked on by DeAndre Jordan last night. It's not bad enough that Twitter went ballistic after it happened. It's not bad enough that Knight is the subject of every single sports radio talk show this morning. But, someone out there also had to do this to Knight's Wikipedia page last night just to rub a little lot of salt in the wound?!?!?!?!?!?!?

In case you can't read it, that says, "On March 10, 2013 Knight died in a game vs the Los Angeles Clippers. The cause of death was determined to be DeAndre Jordan."

Damn! That's just wrong. Knight is never, ever going to be able to live this down, is he?

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[via Black Sports Online]

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