Brad Pitt Admits He Doesn't Know Anything About Baseball

So, why is he starring in a movie about it?

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Brad Pitt's new movie, Moneyball, opens in theaters everywhere this Friday. So, why are we talking about it on the sports channel? Because Pitt plays the role of current Oakland A's GM Billy Beane—the guy responsible for changing the way that many baseball teams operate—in the new flick. (Sidebar: How awesome is it that Beane will now get to walk up to people for the rest of his life and say, "You know Brad Pitt played me in a movie, right?") However, according to Pitt, he was surprised that the producers of the film picked him to star in the film because, well, he readily admits that despite the fact that he's Brad Pitt and he's supposed to be like, you know, the coolest guy ever, he doesn't know anything when it comes to baseball.

"It's shameful how little I know about baseball," says Pitt, who just landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated thanks to his role. "I'm amazed they let me do this movie. Baseball and I didn't get along that well...I wrestled one year [in high school]. I dived one year. Everything but baseball."

Well, then it's a good thing you're starring in one of the most anticipated baseball movies of all-time! Just kidding, Brad. We're pretty sure you didn't know shit about fight clubs before Fight Club and that turned out just fine, right? [via Daily Mail]

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